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Veith House Staff

Gail Gardiner, Executive Director

Gail Gardiner joined Veith House as the Executive Director in October of 2016. Gail has a wealth of knowledge in community-based programming.  She brings her experience from managing volunteers at the IWK, working in the field of autism, to mental health with a focus on resiliency.

Gail, By invitation, participated in the Manitoba Mental Health Summit as part of the Nova Scotia delegation, acted as a SPARK mentor on knowledge translation with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, represented the Canadian Mental Health Association at the National stakeholder meeting around suicide prevention, and led a national school-based research project that looked at social and emotional learning and was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Gail looks forward to working with the wonderful staff, volunteers and community to build and strengthen the Veith House hub for those who want to take part in its many services and offerings.

Contact Gail at executive.director(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Deborah Odell, Preschool Director

Deborah brings decades of experience and a sense of fun to her work at Veith House. She's a Level 3 Early Childhood Educator and worked for many years at the IWK Health Centre as a Child-Life Specialist. Deborah's play-based program allows preschoolers to learn by exploring and doing.

Contact Deborah at deborah.odell(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Monica Marsh, Bookkeeper

In many ways the glue that keeps Veith House together, Monica plays an important role in assisting trustee clients and managing the building.

Contact Monica at monica.marsh(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Nick Stoddard, North End Community Circle facilitator

Contact Nick at nick.stoddard(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Katie Scrine, Community Social Worker

Katie holds a degree in psychology from Saint Mary’s University and a social work degree from Dalhousie University. Her passion lies in strengthening communities and engaging with the members of her community in the North End of Halifax. Katie helps support our trustee program, offers short-term supportive counselling and provides advocacy and resource navigation for clients.

Contact Katie at katie.thomas(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Robin Scott, Community Health Facilitator

Robin assists with client advocacy and resource navigation and is part of a working group bringing group grief support to the North End. Robin is also working on a pilot project to make therapeutic mental health counselling free of charge for North End community members who are un/underinsured. For more information please contact counselling(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca.

Contact Robin at robin.scott(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca

Vanessa Sibley, Supervised Access

Contact Vanessa at supervisedaccess(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca