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Future Roots is a social enterprise - a revenue-generating business that has social goals and social impacts. Our business promotes inter-generational connections and neighbourhood-level resilience. The goal of Future Roots is to connect youth and their neighbors in the North End of Halifax, by recruiting, training and supervising youth who then provide quality service for their older neighbours and local businesses.


Future Roots was founded by Veith House, DeRico Symonds, and Northwood with crucial support from Common Good Solutions . It began with dedication, commitment and the belief that something different could happen in our community.


Landing your first job as a youth is not always an easy task, Future Roots provides hands-on employment experience for youth 13-18 years old in the North-end of Halifax. Services offered include but are not limited to, leaf raking, yard clean-up, snow shoveling, ice clearing, lawn mowing and businesses promotion. Recently Future Roots has been hired by Narrative’s in Space & Time Society, North end Business Association, St Josephs A Mackay Elementary, and a number of North End Halifax residents.


“I want to be a part of this community…. Not just live in it” – Future Roots Customer


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