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Our Tenants at Veith House

Our Tenants at Veith House

Our building has many office rentals made available to other non-profit organizations and community groups. Our current tenants are an important element to helping Veith House be the community hub we strive to be. If you are interested in renting an office space here at Veith House, please feel free to contact the Veith House Board of Directors at theboard(at)veithhouse.ns(dot)ca or call us at (902) 453-4320


Wee Care Development Centre

Phone/Fax:(902) 455-1081
Email: weecare(at)ns.aliantzinc(dot)ca


Dalhousie School Of Social Work Community Clinic

Clinic Coordinators: Michelle Titus & Sarah Oulton
Telephone: (902) 494-2753
Fax: (902) 494-2759
Email: swcc(at)dal(dot)ca


Nova Scotia ACORN

Phone: (902) 225-3818
Email: novascotia(at)acorncanada(dot)org


Emergence Holistic:

Practitioners: Laura Mofina and Meghan Clarkston
Phone: (902) 229-2270
Email: reclaimhfx(at)gmail(dot)com

Coming Soon:


Clergy Support Group


Forge Dental


The Tool Library