NECC Roundtable - April 2020

Via Zoom Video Conference


Host: Erika Mendes (Veith House)

In attendance: Adam Reid (Halifax Pride), Amanda Avery (Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre), Andy Cox (IWK- Mental Health and Addictions), Ashley Hill (Business is Jammin’), Brenda McNutt (HRCE/Schools Plus), Carla Sheppard (Phoenix Youth & Community Centre), Cheyenne Smythe Kelvey (Halifax Community Health Team), Crystal John (Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre), Dylan Leiper (YMCA/NS Works), Elizabeth Perry (ACEs Canada), Evan Carrol (One North End), Grace McCreight (NSHA), Helen Vajda (NSCEDIS), Hilary Murphy (Coverdale), Jennifer Mollica (NSHA), Jennifer Stevens (NSHA), Laura Hutt (HRCE/ Schools Plus), Melanie Hack (Souls Harbour), Melissa Marr (Wonder’Neath), Nanok Cha (ISANS), Rachael Gardiner (HRCE/Schools Plus), Sarah Brown (Wee Care Development Centre), Sarah Ziolkowska (Halifax North Memorial Library), Sylvia Parris (Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute), Tressa Moore (HRCE/ Schools Plus) 


*Please note: All information in the group chat conversation was lost once the meeting closed.. (oops). If there is any information missing, please feel free to email to give updates. 


Veith House

  • Veith House staff are working from home to provide community supports via resource navigation and food donations. Staff are willing to make food deliveries to people in the community should they require it. 

  • Parents/kids can reach out to Erika via email to receive ideas for crafts/activities to do at home.

  • In the process of securing proper insurance for Counselling interns to continue to provide services to people on our current waiting list. Once the list has been dealt with we hope to open up counselling to others in need of support. In the meantime, our social worker is available. 



  • NSHA is doing their best to work through the pandemic, services are going strong

  • Team supporting anyone with new babies at home/ young families over the phone and via Zoom for feeding support. 

  • Website: 

  • Want to learn what is going on in the community that they can share with the clients they are talking to.


IWK -- Mental Health and Addictions

  • All services are up and running via zoom, however if there are clients that need to see one of the clinicians one on one, it can be arranged. 

  • Emergency and intake are still in person

  • Still taking referrals. 


YMCA/ NS Works

  • Still planning the Summer Works Student Exchange Program, the work-based exchange program where students (ages 16-17) go to Quebec to work and practice French as a second language. As of right now, they are still accepting applications for students and host families as they are still receiving government funding. There is the chance that the program format may be changed.

  • Any nonprofits that are interested in taking on a summer student (wage subsidized), please contact. Please be aware that this may be distance/online work due to Covid-19. 

  • For more information visit



  • Working to contact clients who are vulnerable immigrants (~500 people) to do wellness check ins and provide updates. Due to language barriers, many newcomers may not understand all that is happening and what is expected of people during this time. 

  • If you have any newcomer clients who are facing barriers, please feel free to refer them to ISANS

  • If you have any emergency messages that need to be translated, let Nanok know as they have volunteers who assist translations in multiple languages. 


Community Health Team

  • The team is still running with 12 navigators providing wellness and resource navigation via phone and Zoom. 

  • Group programs are not currently a priority 

  • Working with mental health partners to provide low-level mental wellness supports for those who do not have access to other services.


Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre

  • In the office 2 days a week to make phone calls, check messages and sign client cheques.

  • Doing wellness checks in the community to make sure everyone has what they need. 

  • The Mulgrave Park food bank has been receiving food donations frequently. Doors are open Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. If people are in need of food at any point, they can contact Crystal and arrangements can be made for food pick up or delivery at other times throughout the week. 

  • Working with Wonder’Neath to provide families with art kits. 


Phoenix Youth and Community Centre

  • All facilities (shelters, private homes, Phoenix centre) are all operational. Switched to a 12 hour work schedule to minimize the number of people in and out of the homes.

  • The community centre is not currently providing services but are staying in contact and providing support to families and youth via phone. 

  • Counselling services are available via zoom. 



  • Continuing to support families via remote communication (phone, video conferencing, email, fax)

  • Support in everything related to child development such as family support and transition supports (i.e., starting pre-primary program)

  • Continuing to receive referrals for children who may be experiencing developmental delays. 



 Souls Harbour

  • Still providing meals, but to-go

  • Meal pick up is at the Cunard St. location, Monday to Friday from 1-3pm (serving as early as 11) and Saturdays from 12-1pm. Once a week gift bags with essentials will be available. 

  • Given the circumstances, Souls Harbour will be open this Friday during the Holiday, and Easter dinner will be served on Monday as Take-out from 11am to 3pm. A special Easter gift bag will also be given. 



  • Providing art kits as part of the Open Studio program, anyone who is interested in art are able to get kits during regular Open Studio hours on Fridays and Saturdays from         and 5-7pm. 

  • There are also kits available through the Afternoon Shift programs. This program is focused on youth ages 15-30 with a focus on mental health and wellness. These kits are limited and a little bit higher end. 

  • Wonder’Neath is still working on hiring Art Bikers for the summer. Hoping to hire at least one person, however they are waiting for the rest of the funding to be approved before anything is posted. 



  • Monday outreach program provides clients with the opportunity to sign up to have essential products and gift cards dropped off to them. 

  • 1 on 1 support is available to help navigate the court system, this includes follow up with probation/parole officers to confirm completion of mandatory program participation as required. 


BBI -- Business is Jammin’

  • Main goal is to empower black and racially visible youth through entrepreneurship, education and employment across the province. 

  • Many of the community programs/initiatives have been postponed until further notice, but available to youth remotely.

  • For youth ages 15+, there is the iCode tech program that will be launched late April/early May.

  • There are professional development workshops available to youth online with help from partners at On Point. 

  • Goal is to offer as many virtual programs as possible.

  • Normally, BBI programs are focused on youth of African Canadian descent and/or visible minorities. However, all programs are open to youth of any background during this time. 


Halifax Pride

  • Festival scheduled for mid-end of July. 

  • Looking for different ways to support the community. Right now they are working on 5: 

  1. Launching a community calendar that will let the community know when Queer events such as webinars and performances online are taking place. 

  2. Show your pride event. Asking people in the community to raise Pride/Trans flags to show support that we are not alone. 

  3. A Mental Health Support webinar. Watch social media.

  4. On May 17th it is international gay-, trans-, bi-phobia awareness, some organizations looking to do some activities online. 

  5. Drafting a letter to Andy Fillmore in regards to getting full support with Canada Summer jobs hiring, if you are interested as an organization/festival coordinator in putting your name on the letter you can contact


One North End



  • NEST: A training, mentorship and microloan program for Black and indigenous entrepreneurs in the North End.

  • Started a community fund in partnership with iNova. It is for anyone who is facing a hard time. ONE is still looking for donations/support of the program although there is already a small pot to work from. ONE is able to provide $100 per person per household based on need. There are also funds available for small organizations in the North End. 


Halifax North Memorial Library

  • Due to ongoing circumstances around Covid-19, the libraries are closed. 

  • Staff are working on figuring out next steps

  • Would like to connect and distribute snacks and learning materials to community members, looking for community partners to help with distribution. 


Wee Care Development Centre

  • Daycare is currently closed but staff are continuing to provide online supports.

  • There are activities for young ones on their Facebook page. 


Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute

  • Staff are working from home but doors are still open to people who are in need of resources.

  • African Nova Scotian History Challenges in collaboration with the school systems. Had to postpone the awards ceremony.

  • Ancestral Roots awards ceremony and education summit have also been postponed

  • Working towards helping support people with how best to interact during this time through online webinars and how to navigate applications such as Zoom.

  • Teaching Tuesdays: sharing of the contributions of African Nova Scotians.

  • Fridays: Profiles of leading black youth and adults in the community are posted online. 


ACEs Canada

  • Follow on Twitter/Facebook @ACEsCanada2020

  • Has sent out a number of opportunities to access free screenings of videos/movies that were made about adverse childhood experience and the effects of trauma in society.

  • Link people to resources that are relevant to everyone on the trauma spectrum. 



  • Representative signed off. Message in group chat lost. 

Bayers Westwood Family Centre

  • Staff are still working out of the centre but it is closed to the community. 

  • Staff are helping to manage clients and families over the phone. 

  • Ability to provide anyone who needs it with care packages (containing non-perishables, hygiene products), food bags (with fresh produce), and activity kits for kids of different ages (with colouring supplies, playdough, etc.) 

  • The food bank is open on Thursdays from 9:30am -12pm on a first come first serve basis. No food delivery is available at this time. 


HRCE -- Schools Plus

  • All schools plus staff and parent navigators are listed on the schools website. 

  • Staff are available to provide supportive conversations and support with kids completing school at home. 

  • Schooling packages are available to be delivered at home to kids who do not have access to the internet. This service is available for kids in grades primary- 9. Parents have to be signed up to receive flyers and will receive work every 2 weeks for their children. 



  • The HRM volunteer awards are postponed.

  • The Step up to Leadership program is postponed for the spring session. It will likely be offered again in the fall. 

  • A reminder that all community gardens are not accessible right now due to all public parks being closed. 

  • Recreation programs are up in the air, but updates will be provided as they become available. 

  • Looking for safe volunteer opportunities to match community volunteers with different organizations. If you have any opportunities available, reach out to Meaghan Dalton