NECC Roundtable -August 7, 2019

Erika – Veith House

Summer camps and art therapy is currently going on. 

New counsellors will be coming in September. 

They’ll be offering mental health support services. 


Kim – Social Work Clinic  

The clinic works as an interdisciplinary team. 

Currently, psychology and social work students are offering support.  

A psychology group that will meet once a week to address trauma issues is in early stages. 

This group will be up and running in October-November.


Meaghan – Community Developer (HRM) 

Neighbourhood and Volunteers Services supports people in community building. (ex. community gardens)

Can help with board training and facilitation, etc. 

Wants to help give capacity to residents and organizations. 

Can also help people navigate HRM services. 


Victoria – Family SOS 

They’re starting two new projects: 

The Snowsuit Fund to collect winter clothes. (See poster).

Fill the Freezer will start in September. Volunteers will cook home-cooked meals and deliver them.


Adrienne – Rotary Club

Rotary Club is now 30 years old and affiliated with Youth Net. They also supported the North End barbeque.  


Now they are in the process of trying to identify how they can offer further support. 

Adrienne is the Chair of Membership. She’ll be coming to these meetings to hear about what the needs are.  

She’s really impressed by the variety of people who attend these sessions and by the number of groups and organizations that attend. 


Elizabeth – Runs a social enterprise

Elizabeth runs a social enterprise she started four years ago. She provides services and workshops to empower people. 

She’s currently offering a monthly workshop. Last month, she did a workshop based upon adverse childhood experiences. People were very keen to engage around this topic.  This week, she’ll be doing a workshop on toxic stress.

She hopes folks will post her posters and let people know about her services. Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier because she has three levels of payment. ($100 for those who can pay it; pay what you can; or sponsored spots.) 


Rosa – office of MLA Lisa Roberts 

They are starting up a community initiatives meeting to be hosted at Veith House. (September 16)

Its purpose is to advise Lisa’s office about issues pertaining to outreach, awards, recognition, and also to provide an opportunity for them to learn more about what the community’s needs are.

A meal will be provided at the meeting. (See invitation on the back of Lisa’s card.)

Everyone is welcome. 

Please let them know if you’re interested in attending.


Jill – Autism NS

Will be wrapping up their adult summer camp in the fall. 

Programming in the fall will include Autism Arts, Art Chat ‘n Chill, Social Chats, and Healthy Relationships. 

They’re currently looking for participants for this program.  If you know of clients who might be interested, please refer. 


The organization offers programs, employment services, and support. They do advocacy and help families navigate, especially in terms of schools and healthcare.  (ex. IWK)


Anna – Autism NS

Anna notes the organization also offers a database and deals with issues relating to respite care. 

She also notes there’s a high need for adult support.


Mary – Family SOS

The organization will be doing a strategic plan in September. They’ve circulated surveys to help guide this process. 

Mary will send the link and Erika will send these out. 

Currently, the North End is under-represented in the survey response. They’re hoping that folks will respond to the survey.   

They run a Positive Parenting program every fall. Childcare is provided.   This is a mother’s group. A dad’s group will run in September.


Garth – Halifax Association of Community Living 

They have two parent support groups. 

Run programs for parents and siblings of people with disabilities. as well as for individuals with disabilities. 

Garth is currently running the group for folks with disabilities.

Folks can check out their Facebook and Instagram feed to learn more about their programs and services. 


Stephen – Halifax Regional Centre for Education 

Registration for pre-primary – grade 12 is open all summer.

Parents can register their children at the central office.

Parents can call and ask for whatever info they need. 

Many people call with questions relating to having recently moved. (Newcomers, immigrants)


If you know of families in that situation, please refer them to the Halifax Regional Centre for Education.  (Stephen’s contact info is on the website.)

An information session is to be held on August 15 at 7 p.m.

HRM has allotted money for community art and are open and keen to receive any suggestions from community.