Lisa (she/her) - Executive Director

Lisa Harrison comes to us from the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association, which she joined in 2018 as their CEO. She is delighted to now have an opportunity to return to community work, which she has missed since leaving the UK in 2017. Although originally trained as a graphic designer - and a graduate of NSCAD - when she moved to London in 2001 she found herself drawn to the not-for-profit world, starting out with the Design & Artists Copyright Society. After a brief time working in website design, she then moved on to leadership roles in a series of not-for-profits, first as Business Development Manager at the personal safety charity Suzy Lamplugh Trust, then working as a Deputy CEO at Providence Row, a busy day centre for homeless people. Next she took on a role as Deputy CEO at the National Skills Association for Social Care, and then moved on to lead on social enterprise activity at a national membership and training organization for supported housing (SITRA). Finally, she served as the CEO of Mind Yourself, a community centre serving the health and wellbeing of the Irish in London, before returning to Nova Scotia with her husband to be closer to the ocean and her family. She is very happy to be back working in Halifax again, and looks forward to the challenges and rewards of working with the staff at Veith House and the diverse community found in Halifax's North End. 

Monica (she/her) - Administration/Finance

Monica Marsh is the longest serving member of the Veith House team and has been working as our bookkeeper and resident numbers specialist since 2006. Before Monica joined the team, her mother held the same job, making Monica part of the Veith House family even before she started working here. In addition to her admin/finance duties Monica helps community members with taxes and government forms, has worked and volunteered with other sister organizations, has been a leader in our C@P Site (@NS), and is always visible at our community events including the NECC Annual BBQ in June and the North End Tree Lighting event in December.

Katie (she/her) - Social Worker

Katie Scrine, BA, BSW, RSW., is an advocate for food security and accessible housing in North End Halifax. Katie offers short-term supportive counselling, advocacy and resource navigation for community members. Katie joined the Veith House team in 2016 working hard to build our growing Holiday Support program, supporting our Trustee program and making connections in the community . Katie is currently working towards her Masters of Social Work degree at Memorial University while continuing to serve members of the community here at Veith House. 

Saida (she/her) - Newcomer Program Coordinator

Saida Gazie joined our team in 2018 creating and supporting programs for individuals and families new to Canada. She is an advocate and voice for community members as she supports them in applying for family assistance , finding inexpensive and safe rental units, job searches and connecting newcomers with free educational and programs for both adults and youth. Through programs, events and initiatives she has been successful in introducing a number of families to the Halifax community. 

Erika (she/her) - Youth Program Coordinator/ NECC Facilitator

Erika Mendes, BA., has her degree in Psychology from St. Francis Xavier University. She has spent a number of years working with at-risk youth and their families facing issues such as substance abuse, mental health and building healthy relationships. Erika also has a background in fine arts and working with children of all ages. Erika Joined our team in 2018 as our Youth Program Coordinator and North End Community Circle Facilitator. 

SJ Rogers (They/Them) – Community Outreach Facilitator

SJ Rogers joined the team in August 2019. SJ has a diploma in Human and Social Services & Counselling Skills, and is presently working towards becoming a Registered Practicing Counsellor. SJ Has a background working in Criminal and Restorative Justice, and mental health. SJ is a trained facilitator for such topics as body positivity, healthy relationships, sexual health, and anger management to name a few. SJ is a seasoned grant writer, who is passionate about community.

Hannah (she/her) - Supervised Access & Exchange Program Coordinator

Hannah Cane, BA, BSW., is the new Supervised Access & Exchange Coordinator at Veith House. Hannah received her BA at Mount Allison University and then went on to get her Bachelor of Social Work at St. Thomas University. Hannah is passionate about supporting children and their families in her community. In her spare time Hannah enjoys going on hikes and trying new foods

Katie (she/her) - Urban Farm Coordinator

Farmer Katie MacLean has been at Veith since June 2019. Katie is our urban farm coordinator, helping the people in the community grow vegetables at Veith house. Farmer Katie also helps work with the kids in our after school program and supports our Newcomer programs. Katie is currently is a student at Dalhousie studying biology and sustainability.


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