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About Veith House

Veith House was incorporated in 1974, but has been a community hub as far back as 1970. Our vision for the North End is a healthy, vibrant community that supports and empowers children and adults to achieve greater wellbeing and better mental health. We work to achieve this goal offering children and adults an inclusive neighbourhood hub. We offer support, build resilience, create a welcoming space and link with other services.


We have two specific areas of programming.

  • Services and support for children between the ages of 5-12. Until 1969, the structure of Veith House itself was the Halifax Protestant Orphanage – but with changes to social services, in 1970 Veith House was born, a community centre but with a special focus on children’s wellbeing because of a continued affiliation with the Halifax Children’s Fund.


  • Social work services for adults, with specific attention paid to mental health and wellbeing. Veith House is recognized through by community, the education system, local health providers and the city as a place where these services are professionally provided.


In line with both these areas of support, we have a Newcomers program for adults and children from within the immigrant community in Halifax – offering activities and one to one support aimed at helping people settle and integrate with the community and helping them find the best chances of success in their new home. We have group activities for both adults and children, including conversation clubs, academic support for children, gardening activities, and trips to places of interest for both entertainment and building confidence and knowledge of their new home.

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