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Social Work

The aim of our social work services is to assist healing by gaining a deeper understanding of who we are, and how our experiences have shaped us.


Social Work Services

Services are provided by a social worker, with a focus on trauma-informed empowerment.  The Veith House Community Social Worker works within an anti-oppressive, critical perspective, with a focus on the strengths that each service users brings with them.

Throughout the therapeutic sessions, there may be an opportunity for the Social Worker to assist individuals through advocacy.  Advocacy will appear different for every service user’s unique needs, but it may involve working with other community groups to support social justice issues, or contacting an individual’s Income Assistance worker to facilitate communication between the worker and the service user.

Services Include

  • Crisis management 

  • Case management (ongoing support)

  • Advocacy 

  • Resource Navigation 

  • Short-term counselling 

  • Assistance with forms/paperwork/applications 

  • Referrals 

  • Client support (gift cards, toiletries, etc.) 

Click here for Veith House's counselling screening form. Please note, counselling is provided by counselling interns.

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