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Our Programs

Happy Holidays


Veith House Urban Farm

An inclusive space where people of all ages to grow food together. Features a greenhouse and raised beds in which we grow vegetables for the community.

Community Kitchen

The Veith House Community Kitchen is licensed and available to community members for rental. A number of new businesses have started out here!

North End Community Circle


Kids Activities and Support

Respect, Environment, Activity, Community and Health for kids.

Newcomers Programs

Programs designed to assist those who are new to the country, city, or community.

Supervised Parenting and Exchange

A safe, child-centered environment that is professionally supervised so non-custodial parents may have visitation with their child.

Social Work Services

To assist healing by gaining a deeper understanding of who we are, and how our experiences have shaped us.

Veith House has operated as a crucial community hub and support to the North End since incorporation in 1974

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