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A Community Hub
in the North End of Halifax

  Our Vision

Veith House was incorporated in 1974, but has been a community hub as far back as 1970. Our vision for the North End is a healthy, vibrant community that supports and empowers children and adults to achieve greater wellbeing and better mental health. We work to achieve this goal by offering children, adults and families an inclusive neighbourhood hub.


We provide support, build resilience, create a welcoming space and collaborate with other local services. We also have reasonably priced office and studio space, a community kitchen and other rooms that can be rented out.

Happening this month at Veith House:

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Work with us:

We are currently hiring for the position of Communications Coordinator

closing Wednesday, September 13th


Activities and Support for children 5 and up, including Day Camp, PD days, special events & healthy snacks

Programs for children and adults focused on helping newcomers settle into the community.


Our greenhouse and gardens grow food for the local community - volunteers needed.


Get the help you need for greater wellbeing.

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