Our breakfast bags and after school snack and activities are back!  Visit us any school day from 8:30-9:00am or from 3:00-4:00pm.

We are selling seedlings grown in our greenhouse to support our Veith Urban Farm. You can even donate! Go to the Veith House Seedling Sale or click here.


Veith House is open by appointment only. Call us on 902-453-4320.

For emergencies, call 911.

Staff are currently working on site and from home. Thank you for your patience as we navigate re-opening.


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We are an inclusive neighbourhood hub that provides equitable and relevant services and opportunities, to foster a healthier more vibrant community.


Our vision is to be a safe, accessible space where everyone is welcome with the aim to build and strengthen community, reduce poverty and address food insecurity.


-Integrity – do what is right. We treat one another with compassion and respect, seeking to always take the high road. We only provide services that we are capable of delivering and that we know are of value.

-We are a little different. Creativity, adaptability and perspective are borne out of opportunities and bold ideas. We identify unmet needs, find innovative solutions and continuously adapt our programming in response to community and individual feedback.

- Trusting Safe Space. We continuously work towards earning and maintaining trust with our clients from the first moment they walk through the door. As such, we strive to see the space through the lens of our communities to ensure an inclusive, respectful and compassionate experience.

-Create sustainable, repeatable value. Our revenue is a direct reflection of the value we create for others. A thing is not worth doing unless it creates measurable value for one or more of our stakeholders – clients, volunteers, and community.

-Evidence Informed Programing - Everything we offer at Veith House is intentionally designed, with clear goals as to how the communities we serve will benefit with continuous review and adaptations as needed. We owe it to ourselves, our clientele, and our communities to offer the highest quality of service and programs available. We consistently draw from interdisciplinary standards and research for success.

Thank You

A special thank you to IBM & United Way for helping revitalize Veith House


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